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Skydiving or Powered Parachutes

Powered Parachutes? This is a new sport not unlike skydiving, which has gained momentum as an adventure sport. It has become popular over a short period of time, and considered to be safer than a normal winged craft. However, because of the technology...

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Skydiving: Alone or Tandem

Whether you are thinking about skydiving New York, New York or in Santa Barbara, California, it could be that extreme sports centers offer you a chance in a lifetime. For those who don’t know how the sport got started, let me provide you with a little...

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Important Information About Skydiving Before You Head out to try it

As with any dangerous sport, you just can’t show up and expect to strap on a suit and just jump out of a plane. You must go to a school and do the ground work first. There are many places you can choose from, just make sure they have a good reputation....

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